Nursery Saved £1,440 over 3 Years on Phone Bills

Child’s Play Private Nursery has been the first nursery in the North East to benefit from the newly launched One Unite Grant’s Programme.

Total savings – £1,440 over 3 years

Grant Size – £1,000 to cover the full cost & setup of new phone system

Their Story

Child’s Play Private Nursery has been steadily growing for the past 5 years, as a result, the business has seen a vast increase in the number of incoming and outgoing calls. This created two key issues:

  1. The majority of the calls were made during “peak times” which had increased the monthly bills by almost 100% since opening the nursery.
  2. The phones were always busy, which meant parents sometimes struggled to contact the nursery on their first attempt as the phone line would be engaged.


Their Goals

Goal 1 – To reduce her monthly/annual outgoings for landline calls.

Goal 2 –  To find a solution to parents struggling to contact the nursery on the first attempt.

Goal 3 – Child’s Play owner, Laura Davies aims to grow the business by adding 2 new nurseries within the next 12 months and felt she needed a phone system that would more effectively and scale up as her business grows.


The Solution

Laura applied for a One Unite Grant to help reduce their monthly bills. During the application process, our specialist advisors assessed their current phone contracts, terms and usage.

The nurseries existing phone system was a standard BT phone line with handsets from Argos on a pay as you go contract that charged per call in peak times.

While they had 4 handsets, they only had one phone line which meant they could only make one call at a time.

Our team recommended a multiline phone system that would mean they could make multiple calls at once.

Laura decided a 5 handset solution was right of them, which enabled up to 5 members of staff to be on the phone at once and allow them to add additional handset as/when they opened the new nurseries.

The phone system also took voicemails for out of hour calls which are instantly sent by email to Laura and have “call waiting” which enables the business to promote upcoming events for the parents and families to attend.



To minimise call cost One Unite recommended an “all-inclusive” contract that removed “peak time” calls and would reduce their monthly bills.

Laura decided to take up a 3-year contract as it created the greatest saving of just over £40 per month (£480 per year)

One Unite were also able to offer Child’s Play a £1000 grant towards their phone system which covered the full cost of new handsets and system setup.

The result

Child’s Play now has a scalable solution to their phone needs and enough phone lines so that no parent ever needs to wait in line. On top of that, they have made a whopping saving of £1,440 over the term of the contract and accessed a £1000 grant to cover the cost of their new phone system.


Total savings – £1,440 over 3 years

Grant size – £1,000 to cover the full cost & setup of new phone system


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