Nursery £2,300 Better Off By Switching Energy Supplier

Childs Play Nursery Case Study

Childs Play Nursery Case Study

Nursery £2,300 Better Off By Switching Energy Supplier

Total savings – £700

Grant Size – £1,330

Their Story

Child’s Play Private Nursery expanded from 1 nursery to 3 nurseries in January 2018.

Owner Laura Davies contacted One Unite Partnership to manage the changeover of energy suppliers and to find a new contract that will best suit their needs.

The Solution

To support Laura during this busy time, One Unite Partnership contacted the previous owner to acquire all relevant bills. As the property now had a new owner we also negotiated a Change of Tenancy agreement with the existing suppliers meaning Laura could find a new deal for her nurseries.


One Unite Partnership negotiated a range of deals which were presented to Laura who chose a 5 year deal with British Gas for both their Gas & Electric.

The new deal saved the nursey just over £700 over 5 years, more importantly, it meant they would be protected against rising energy bills and gave the nursery security for future.

As well as securing the nurseries lower energy cost they were also given a £1,330 grant which was generated from the profits of the switch.

The Result

The complete switch from old contracts to a new deal was completed within a matter of weeks, this included a change of tenancy from the old business owner to the new owner – Child’s Play Private Nursery.

The majority of the work was completed by One Unite Partnership with minimal time commitment from Laura.


“We will be using the additional funds given to us from One Unite Partnership to freshen up our new nurseries. Some paint throughout will make a world of difference and give the families a feeling of positive as they transition from the old owners to the new.
Thank you again to One Unite Partnership, you were a huge help from the start which meant concentrate on setting up and running my new nurseries.”

Laura Davies, Managing Director, Child’s Play Private Nursery

Total savings – £700 over 5 years

Grant Size – £1,330

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