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Is Your Charity Due An Energy Tax Rebate?

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As a charity you are eligible to a reduced 5% VAT rate on energy bills, however, thousands of charities throughout the UK are paying the standard business rate of 20% VAT.

Register now to discover if your charity is due a tax rebate and how much you are owed. As we are a not for profit set up to support charities this is a no-cost service, meaning 100% of your rebate is paid to you at no cost to your charity.

Why Register For a Charity Tax Audit?

Most UK registered charities qualify for a reduced 5% (VAT) rate on their energy bills (gas, water and electricity). They are also usually from paying the Climate Change Levy* (CCL). Together these can reduce bills by up to 20%.

Currently, you as a charity are responsible for checking your tax rates and telling your suppliers if you are eligible for the reduced 5% tax rate. If you have not done this you will automatically be charged at the standard business rate of 20% VAT.

Many charities often find that they’ve been overpaying for their energy, but the good news is that you can claim a rebate for the past four years – either from your supplier or from HMRC.

Rebates can be claimed for the past 4 years possibly adding up to thousands of pounds.

Common Causes of Incorrect VAT

>  Switching energy supplier

>  Renewing energy contract

>  Changing the name of your charity.

>  Changing legal entity – e.g. from a not for profit to a charity.

How Much Does It Cost?

100% of the rebate is paid to you or added to your account as a credit.

This service is provided as “No Win No Fee” (we know this is a horrible phrase and we are sorry but it makes it easy to understand).

The Charity Energy Tax Rebate service is charged at 30% of all completed applications after your rebate has been paid to you.

To begin the rebate process we first complete a no-cost  Charity Tax Audit. Arrange a callback now and discover how much you are owed.

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On average 30% of charities can claim a rebate for up to 4 years of overpayments.

Is your charity one of them?

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