Terms & Conditions


Utility Grants for gas and or electricity supply is reliant upon factors such as:

  • Proof of consumption of supply – if no proof is given i.e change of tenancy, new meter install or any other form of new supply where energy has not been transferred through for a minimum amount of 12 months then the grant may be paid annually on the anniversary of live date of supply or monthly in arrears.
  • First payment of grants are paid within 120 days of account going live. Remainder grant payment will be paid annually over the term of the contract. Grant payment will be made within 7 days of the calendar date of the first grant payment.
  • Full transferred consumption has to be met or grants may reduce to fall inline with the reduction in consumption in the form of claw back or held and paid in arrears to eliminate such circumstances of claw back needing to be invoiced. This will usually apply to new business’s, sole traders and any organisation at the sole discretion of One Unite Partnership (CIC).
  • The length of term of supply taken. This must be met in full and information disclosed at start of term if there should be any reason why the term should be broken .ie business closing/relocating or change of tenancy then directors or principles of the organisation may be liable for any loss of revenues.
  • Direct debits/payments should be met at agreed times arranged with supplier, if the payment is not made and the account falls into debt which may result in cancellation monies paid to One Unite Partnership (CIC) or results in a claw back to One Unite Partnership (CIC)  this claw back will be passed to the customer.   Claw back of revenue paid being summonsed along with any administration fees or loss of revenue on behalf of One Unite Partnership (CIC).
  • The unit price given includes all associated costs for consultancy fees and are agreed by client that they may be higher than what the client could gain if they want direct
  • The client is agreeing that the consultant is selling on behalf of the supplier and in no way works directly for the supplier
  • Along with a signed letter of authority by client, this gives the consultant full access to his/her energy supply accounts negotiating new contracts and dealing with the accounts on the clients behalf
  • Payments are not classed as to have been received from the supplier until the contract has concluded and any reconciliation has been completed with the supplier. Therefore no payment is due to a customer until this is completed, any and all upfront payments made are at the discretion of One Unite Partnership (CIC).
  • These terms and conditions supersede any previous written correspondence and changes can only be made and signed off in writing by a director of One Unite Partnership (CIC).
  • In no way does any email or other written correspondence constitute a contract or agreement without these terms and conditions being changed and agreed in writing by a director of One Unite Partnership (CIC).

If any of the above terms are not met by client grants may not be paid and any clawbacks may be made

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