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Most charities & business overpay for landline & broadband contracts simply because they are not on the correct phone tariffs or broadband service for their needs. There are also many organisations with services that are not fulfilling their needs and hindering their running and growth.

Telecoms are an essential part of most organisation operations, and also quite a costly part. The costs add up when it is considered how many phones each organisation will have. Therefore when searching for a new telecoms package there is a lot to consider.

One Unite Partnership telecoms team take the hassle out of finding the best deal for landlines and super-fast broadband. Our independent experts use your recent bills to understand your current needs discuss with you to learn your future plans. This enables us to find the correct solutions, not only for where your charity is now but for where you will be in the coming years.

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One Unite Partnership telecoms team work with you to find the best and correct package for you. There a 2 key factors that we take into account

Traditional or VoIP Systems – From 2025 all businesses and charities will need to move to a VoIP based phone system which connects through the internet rather than a traditional cable. There are huge benefits to making the change now, including lower setup fees, cheaper phone systems, lower call tariffs and unlimited number of users making it a cost-effective and scalable solution

Calling habits – With mobile usage becoming more common our telecoms team will analyse your calling habits by checking your recent phone bills. We can then advise whether paying per call, per minute or unlimited calls is the best solution for your charity.

Super-fast Broadband

There are 2 key factors to consider when analysing the broadband needs for your organisation.

Broadband speed – Speed can vary depending on the location and number of users on the network. The more users your organisation has, higher the required speed. In most cases, higher the speed, the better, however, we find some organisations are paying for speeds they just don’t need and are therefore overpaying for the service. We can look at a range of providers to find the speed for your location and needs. Test Your Broadband Speed.

Download limit – While initial broadband fees can be low with some suppliers; they often make their money from charging for going over download limits. Our team will analyse your usage to make sure you never pay for exceeding your download limit or paying for huge limits that you will never use.

Signal quality – Our team can also help improve the signal of your broadband ensuring your receive a Wi-Fi signal in every room that its needed. We can look to boost the strength and distance of the signal even across the largest facilities.

Up to 80% of Our Profits Back To you

One Unite Partnership is a Self-funding Grant Programme, meaning we create our grants from the profit generated from our services. There is no cost to your organisation as we receive a commission from suppliers for placing your organisation with them.

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One Point of Contact

To achieve the best deal for your organisation your utilities may be split across different providers. One Unite Partnership will provide you with an account manager that will contact your providers on your behalf, giving you one point of contact and no need to wait in long queues to speak to confusing tech support or pushy sales teams.

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We work directly with suppliers, missing out expensive “middle-men” which creates savings that can be passed on to you.

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We pick up the phone to existing customers before sales calls which mean you will always get hold of support as soon as you need it.

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We work directly with suppliers, missing out expensive “middle-men” which creates savings that can be passed on to you.

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