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As a Not for Profit, we have your best interest at heart!

Save on Mobile & Tablets

We work with the leading mobile networks throughout the UK and have access to the latest in mobile and tablet technology.

Our experts will determine the best value business mobile communications packages for your organisation, saving you money and time.

Following a completely independent appraisal of your current and future needs, we will recommend the most suitable mobile communications packages, most appropriate networks and most appropriate airtime providers for your organisation.

By careful analysis of your data and producing a detailed tender document for large numbers of mobile phones, savings of over 30% are possible. The package may also include free hardware, from the supplier.

Thereafter, by carefully checking your mobile phone bills we can ensure that you actually receive the package initially promised by the best supplier. That is often where clients encounter difficulties because mobile phone bills tend to be unnecessarily complex. Business Cost Consultants have the expertise and software to check hundreds of pages of mobile phone bills.

iPhones & iPads
Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC & LG

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Lower Mobile & Tablet Contracts

One Unite Partnership is an independent grant programme, meaning we can compare all network to find the best deal for your organisation

Usage – Our telecoms team will look through your recent bills to discover your actual usage, enabling us to source the best deal for your organisation’s needs. Many charities & businesses are signing up to long-term contracts that are providing considerably more usage then needed – across multiple handsets can add up to a significant saving.

Coverage – The One Unite Partnership team will also check for best coverage based on the location of your charity or main area of users.

Handset price – By signing up to our consortium you are increasing your buying power for both the contract and the handsets.

Up to 80% of Our Profits Back To you

One Unite Partnership is a Self-funding Grant Programme, meaning we create our grants from the profit generated from our services. There is no cost to your organisation as we receive a commission from suppliers for placing your organisation with them.

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One Point of Contact

To achieve the best deal for your organisation your utilities may be split across different providers. One Unite Partnership will provide you with an account manager that will contact your providers on your behalf, giving you one point of contact and no need to wait in long queues to speak to confusing tech support or pushy sales teams.

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Price Match

We work directly with suppliers, missing out expensive “middle-men” which creates savings that can be passed on to you.

Hassle Free Switching

Our switch team will take care of your full switch meaning you will not need to do anything.

Not For Profit

We are a registered Not for Profit, set up to support Charities, Not for Profits and organisations that do social good.

Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise, we give up to 80% of our profits back to the organisations we work with.

Dedicated Support

We pick up the phone to existing customers before sales calls which mean you will always get hold of support as soon as you need it.

No-cost For Any Service

We work directly with suppliers, missing out expensive “middle-men” which creates savings that can be passed on to you.

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