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We will be honest and tell you, the best thing you can do it arrange a call back to find out! We are a not for profit so it is not our goal to “win your business”. We will, however, keep note of when your contracts are due and contact you closer to that time. We will ensure you do not automatically roll onto overpriced out of contract rates.


Other businesses offer support to reduce core running costs, many even offer it at no cost to your organisation – however, when they are paid a commission to place your charity or business with a new supplier, they will keep it for profit. One Unite Partnership (CIC) is different as we use our commission to generate grants that you can use for one-off or on-going projects that will stabilise or grow your organisation.

Yes, you will be in a strong position to reduce your core running costs as you may be eligible for new deals as you will free to find new utility deals for your organisation.

Yes, in many cases we may still be able to help you even if you have signed a long-term contract. If not, we will notify you and contact you closer to the contract end date to ensure you do not automatically role on to expensive out of contract rates.

Your specialist advisor will give you an accurate timescale, however, it is dependent on supplier payment terms and can take up to 120 days from contract going live.

We will require recent bills as this will give us key information about your current contract and energy/telecoms usage. We will also require a “Soft Letter of Authority” (Soft LOA) which will enable us to speak to suppliers on your behalf but not make any changes without your written permission. Meaning you have control at all times.

Yes possibly, although you will only need to apply once. Just mention to your specialist advisor that you have multiple premises or when you move/purchase a new one to receive additional grants.

Put simply, we fund the grants out of the profits we make from brokering utilities & telecoms deals. While other companies keep their commissions as profits, we use them to create grants for charities & businesses. This means your grant size is completely proportionate to your energy and telecoms usage.

We receive no government funding.

Yes, arrange a call back today. You will be able to make significant savings on your core running costs.

Your specialist advisor will notify you on your grant size when we find you the best deal for your needs. The grant is generated from the commission we receive from the suppliers and is relative to your usage.

Grants will be sent to you via banks transfer or cheque. You grant will be provided in annual payments in proportion to your contract length  E.g. £10,000 grant generated by a 5 years contracts will be divided into £2,000 grants provided over 5 years.


For more information read our Terms & Conditions

No, we do not offer the full grant up front for contracts that are 2 years or over. One Unite Partnership (CIC) was set up to help organisations become sustainable and your grant will help with sustainability and forecasting.

If you would like more information read our Terms & Conditions.

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