Our Vision

One Unite Partnership firmly believe that it is possible to build a better world through partnership work and collective efforts and that each and everyone one of us has the ability to transform our own lives as well as those of others. It just starts with a single step.

Below are our first steps that we are taking to make this happen.

Making a change


One Unite Charities is part of One Unite Partnership (CIC) which was set up to be truly different!

As a not for profit, our aim is to change the energy and telecoms market forever. It is currently unregulated meaning large businesses are making HUGE profits off the backs of charities and small businesses.

So we are fighting back, by giving you an expert team that has your interests at heart rather than increasing corporate profits.

Keep Money In The Third Sector


One Unite’s primary aim is to keep money within the Third sector, we achieve this by reducing core running costs. All organisations need energy and telecoms. As a result of this our aim is to make sure you pay the minimum amount of money possible if the right solutions that suit your organisation’s needs. Every penny you save is another penny that can be used to help you achieve your organisation`s goals.

Unite Charities Together


We work with hundreds of organisations throughout the UK, enabling us to bring them all together. This increases your individual charities buying power, which unlocks lower tariffs and creates significant savings which every charity involved.


Empower The Sector


A 2017 study of charity CEO’s found that 1 in 4 charities are struggling to survive and the primary reason is overpaying for services. We believe that by educating the sector on how to make informed decisions, you will be able to reduce core running costs and minimise usage forever.
One Unite has also created a Community Engagement Programme that empowers charities and not for profits to engage with local businesses which generate more grants and funds that can be used within the sector.

To Put Money In To The Third Sector


One Unite Partnership is paid a commission for placing every charity and not for profit with energy and telecoms suppliers. This is standard practice in the industry and is how businesses generate their profits. As One Unite is a not for profit, we use up to 80% of our commission to create grants, that are passed on to your organisation.


One Unite Foundation


We keep part of our commission to cover our costs and grow as an organisation. If, however, we keep more than we need we put all of the spare money into the foundation which can be accessed by any charity or not for profit organisation that has worked with One Unite in the past 12 months.


Private Sector Knowledge Matched Up With Third Sector Knowledge


One Unite Partnership was co-founded by a team with a range of backgrounds, some within the private and some within the Third sector. This gives us in-depth knowledge of both sectors, allowing us to bring the best of both worlds together.

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